About me

I am passionate about programming, technology and everything that means computer science.
Why ? Because just as an artist can create extraordinary works, so do I want to create, to invent impactful projects

Until now, my first choice was full stack web programming, but lately I have grown into mobile development (Android) and AI (especially deep neural networks).
Also due to the fact that I love learning every day something new and challenging myself, I have made a habit of choosing a new suite of technologies for each project.

LAMP Stack
85% Complete
MEAN Stack
75% Complete
Android JAVA
70% Complete
90% Complete




Android app that manages the schedule of an educational institution. Also, has a Web UI.


A multiplayer online game that tests players' ability to recognize specific places.


Online debating platform.


Learning the Romanian language by middle-aged children. Project completed within 24 hours during "InfoEducation 2016".

RATBV Helper

Project completed within 24 hours during "Open Data Hackathon 2014".

The zombie

Unity game which can be played both on browser and on Android devices.

Quiz Tournament

Real-time, multiplayer Android game of general knowledge quizzes.


A platform that changes the way developers work on their projects.